All “Meistersinger” bass trombones are equipped with 3B™ ball bearing linkages on both ends of the valve connecting arms to
provide the ultimate in smooth and quiet operation.

Spécifications techniques

  • Key : Bb/F
  • Model : Stölzing
  • Bore : .610 / .649” (15,50/16,50 mm)
  • Bell : 9.84" / 250 mm gold brass
  • Features : nickel silver outer and inner slides, 3 exchangeable leadpipes (nickel silver, brass and gold brass)
  • Case : light weight backpack
  • Finish : Lacquer
  • Options :
  • BSMS27-1-0 : Lacquer finish
  • BSMS27K-1-0 : Lacquer finish, nickel silver garland
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