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By 31.12. 2015 a fairly new band with a little strange name Jelen had their first 2 years of successful career on the Czech music scene after releasing their – now platinum – debut album „ Světlo ve tmě “.

The band has performed in hundreds of music festivals and sold out two of their own concert tours. To other milestones with Jelen belong prize from Czech Music Awards Anděl 2015 (Czech equivalent to Grammy) – in category Best New Artist, Nomination for Czech Nightingale music awards, Live Performances in a number of TV programs as Czech Nightingale 2015 (TV Nova), Athlete of the year 2015 (Czech TV), Mattoni cocktail festival 2015 (TV Nova), Czech Music Awards 2015, Velehrad (Czech TV) 2016 etc.

Alexandr Smutny

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