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Exquisite EXC

The new eXquisite C result from a cooperation between B&S and L.A. studio recording artist Malcolm McNab, who is literarily on every possible soundtrack of Hollywood with solos like on Dances with Wolves, Independence Day, Men in Black, Pretty Woman, Indiana Jones, E.T. and L.A. Confidential. His CD „exquisite“ featuring Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto on trumpet is legend already after a short time.

Technical specifications

  • Key : C
  • Series : X-Line
  • Bore : .469" / 11,66 mm ML bore
  • Bell : 4.803" lightweight yellow brass with French bead
  • Valves : 3 top-sprung hand-lapped Monel pistons
  • Water keys : 2 lever-style, forged (main tuning and 3rd valve slide)
  • Features : Standard lead pipe, long screw stop on 3rd valve slide, thumb saddle for 1st valve slide, quiet felt valve cap in-lays, o-ring dampeners for 1st/3rd slides
  • Outfit : Double hard wood-shell case, mouthpiece, valve oil, slide grease, cleaning cloth and rod
  • Finish : Clear lacquer or silver plated
  • Models :
  • BSEXC-1-0 : Clear lacquer finish
  • BSEXC-2-0 : Silver plated finish
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