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B&S is proud to present its latest model the MBXR line, developed with the famous trumpeter Christian Martinez, who is renewing the iconic MBX1 trumpet.

The joint work of Christian and the B&S team has resulted in a trumpet that is particularly light in terms of both weight and play.

The lead pipe’s conicity has been accentuated, which allows an incomparable projection, more warmth in the lower register and an impressive harmonic spectrum in the high range and the upper register.

The MBXR has proven to be a very versatile instrument for any repertoire and adapts well to the demands of today’s musicians.

Technical specifications

  • Key : Bb
  • Range : X-Line, 3 monel valve pistons
  • Bore : 11,65mm / 0.458"
  • Bell diameter : 125mm / 4.9", Lightweight bell, 1 piece in yellow brass , Reversed leadpipe
  • Finishes : gold lacquer or silverplated
  • Case : backpack for 2 trumpets
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