Its sound is close to the legendary tubas that once have been built in Graslitz, Bohemia.

Nevertheless it offers the quick response the Saxon B&S instruments are famous for. Due to its “open wrap” main tuning slide the GR51 has a full and rich sound.

In fact much bigger than you would expect from a typical 4/4 size.

Technical specifications

  • Key : Bb
  • Size : 4/4
  • Valves : 4 rotary valves with 3B™ linkage system
  • Bore : 19 mm / .748" (4th valve: 20 mm / .787")
  • Bell : 45 cm / 17.7"
  • Height : 98 cm / 38.5"
  • Material : yellow brass
  • Finish : clear lacquered or silver plated
  • BSGR51-1-0GB : clear lacquered
  • BSGR51-2-0GB : silver plated
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