All professional B&S Bb Tenorhorns with rotary valves
are equipped with gold brass bell and body, 3B ball bearing linkages on both ends of the valve connecting arm to provide the ultimate in smooth and quiet operation, nickel silver inner and outer slides, corrosion safe gold brass leadpipe.

Technical specifications

  • Key : Bb
  • Bore : 0.551" / 14 mm
  • Bell : 9.843" / 250 mm
  • Valves : 3 rotary valves
  • Features : 3B™ linkage system, gold brass bell and body
  • Finish : Clear lacquer
  • Options :
  • BS30322G-1-0 : Clear lacquer
  • BS30322G-1-0 : Clear lacquer, 4 rotary valves
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