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Fedor Shagov

Tuba with State Symphony Capella of Russia

Fedor Shagov was born on 29 may 1990 year. From 2005 till 2009 he was a student in the musical college of Gnesin’s in Moscow with Professor Kazachenkov A.

2009 – 2014 he studied in the Russian music Akademy of Gnesin’s in Moscow, Pr.Dosadin V., and Pr.Kazachenkov A.
2012 – 2015 he was a student with Professor Andreas Martin Hofmeir in Universtät Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria.
2014 – 2016 he learned in the postgraduate in the Russian music Akademy of Gnesin’s in Moscow with Professor Kazachenkov A.

He took place in the different masterclasses:
2009 – with Mel Culbertson (Moscow, Russia); 2010 – Hendrik Jan Renes, Mel Culbertson (Saint –Petersburg, Russia); 2011- Andreas Martin Hofmeir, Jens Björn-Larsen, Qystein Baadsvik (Hammelburg, Germany);
2013 – Daniel Perantoni (Salzburg, Austria).

2010 – special prize F tuba B & S (Brno, Tchech Republik);
2010 – International youth competition memory of E.Mravinsky, III prize (Saint-Petersburg, Russia);
2014 – 6th International competition “Jovanni Musicisti – Citta di Treviso”, I prize (Treviso, Italy);
2015 – International competition for Saxhorn Euphonium and Tuba, II prize (Chambray-les-Tours, France);
2015 – 9th Michal Spisak International music competition, II prize (Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland);
2015 – Russian competition for Woodwinds Instruments memory of A.Nesterov, I prize (Nizshny Novgorod, Russia);
2016 -International competition Aeolus, semifinalist (Dusseldorf, Germany);
2016 – 2nd Russian competition for the wind instruments (Moscow, Russia);

He made the recording Concerto of Gregson with Brass Band in Moscow and «Tschussowaja» Suite Klaus Burger with Symphony Orchestra Philharmonic Baden-Baden.

2011 he played in the First Russian Seminar of Tuba in Moscow. He makes often the concerts for Tuba Solo in Russia, Germany. He makes the recordings in YouTube. He works in the State Symphony Capella of Russia and he teaches in Moscow State College of Music Perfomance by F.Chopin.

He played with National woodwinds orchestra of Russia, Symphony orchestra of the State Academic Capella of Saint Petersburg, Symphony orchestra Russian music Academy of Gnesin`s, Woodwinds orchestra Russian music Academy of Gnesin`s, Symphony orchestra of the Pavel Slobodkin, Symphony Orchestra Philharmonic of Zaglebia, Symphony Orchestra Philharmonic Baden-Baden, woodwind orchestra of Riga

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