Gerhard A. Meinl again Chairman of Peak Organization of Music Enterprises

Gerhard A. Meinl again Chairman of Peak Organization of Music Enterprises

The General Manager of the producer of metal wind instruments B & S GmbH (Ltd.) in Markneukirchen /Vogtland and up to now 1st president of the Federal Association of German Producers of Musical instruments (BDMH) used to be one of the co-founders of the Peak organization of German Musical Economy (DVMV). At that time, especially Meinl together with Werner Sonderwald, of the importer’s organization VVMD, which was absorbed by the SOMM (Society of Music Merchants), and Nikolaus Schimmel of the Federal Association Piano (BVK) showed initiative. At once the members of the Association of German Music publishers (DMV) and of the Association of German Music Traders (GDM), and in the beginning still the Association of Technicians for public events, joined the alliance too to bundle interests. Other targets were to interest more people in Germany in actively making music and represent the interests of the branches towards policy and all other participants of the markets.

As Meinl is a lawyer too, the articles of the association were penned by him. Together with Sonderwald Meinl became founding president. During his term of office, which later even became prolonged, the so called “Bastian study” was distributed - a long-termed survey examining the development of children in basic schools with higher share of music lessons in comparison with children at schools with regular musical education.
Furthermore the start of the tradition to organize parliamentary evenings in Berlin should be mentioned.
Naturally the first one took place in the representation of the State of Bavaria in Berlin, as Meinl comes from Bavaria and there actively engages himself politically.

In the meantime, in the successful time of the presidency of Arthur Knopp of GDM, the Federation of German Piano Makers (BDK) as well as the Federal Organization of Guilds of the Musical instrument-trade joined the Peak Organization. This way now just under 2.000 enterprises are united in this organization, forming a remarkable employer of many in Germany. Of course it consists of self-employed with their lasting commitment for education and penetration of the market. Every time it was the aim of the Peak Organization not to give up the individuality of the single groups but to bundle it - in the sense of the famous quotation:
"In dubiis libertas, in necessariis unitas!".

According to Meinl this also constitutes the power and the charm of the peak organization and therefore only recently he again accepted the 1st presidency. At once he announced to organize the next parliamentary evening in March, this time namely together with the members of the Bundestag and the foreign ambassadors in Berlin. It is intended to demonstrate the high quality of German musical instruments, the strength of exports and to explicitly disclose import limitations if they are an imbalance in international trade. One of the members of the Federal cabinet already accepted the invitation as Ilse Aigner, the Federal Minister for consumer protection comes from the electoral district of Meinl.

Further weight the DVMV surely receives by the fact of Meinl being the new president of the Federal Committee of Experts of the Musical Economy with the German Music Council, at this time.

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