Changes in the management team of German B&S Group

The Germany-based brass-wind instrument manufacturer B&S GmbH changes its management team.

Gerhard A. Meinl, who created today’s B&S-Group shortly after the German reunification in 1990 and who belongs to a seventh generation instrument dynasty, will continue to run the company as CEO with its locations in Germany, USA and China.

As for many years already, he will go on relying on an experienced management team: Ferdinand Kleinschmidt joined the company in 1986 and heads the Research & Development team. He has studied Tuba at Detmold Conservatory and is Master Craftsmen in instrument building and tool making. Eberhard Schopferer joined the company in 2005 and heads Production. In addition, Andreas Gafke joined the team in September 2009. With his long history in the area of wind instruments, he now leads the area of sales and marketing.

Gerhard Meinl’s long time partner Jakob von Wolff (35) will leave the management board as of July 2010. After ten years with B&S, he plans to continue his career outside the industry. However he will continue as a consultant and shareholder of the B&S-Group.

Gerhard A. Meinl comments this change as follows: “Jakob and I successfully worked for many years together and we have accomplished many important steps for our B&S Group – last but not least we initiated the distribution change in our home market Germany, Austria and Benelux which we will currently complete. As much as I’m regretful about his decision, I respect everyone’s personal life and career and I know, how important flexibility for success is. After many years, we are good friends and he will continue to be connected to our company. Who knows, what other changes life still bring in future…and I say this looking back on the 200 years my family business already exists.”

Jakob von Wolff himself adds: “We made some great steps for B&S in the past years. Now, B&S is perfectly prepared for the future. I will enjoy keeping an eye on the future development of B&S and seeing all that has been accomplished – even if it is from a slightly different perspective.”

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