B&S now active in Latin America

Within the past few years, South America's demand in quality instruments from Germany has increased tremendously. Here at B&S, we're now reckognizing a lot of interest in our B&S instruments from the whole area: from almost all countries, demand in professional workshops and masterclasses is rising, and many B&S artists are requested for those all the time.

An inspiring example of the musical education happened in Venezuela: the Youth Music Program "El Sistema", founded 1975 with Prof. José Antonio Abreu was the start for many talented musicians, conductors and orchestras.

Sadly, several countries in the area have relatively high import taxes plus additional high customs and/or import charges so that it is difficult for these talents to obtain appropriate equipment and professional instruments from Germany to excel.

Understanding this, B&S GmbH has decided to commit by giving special attention to this market and its needs.

Therefore, Mr. Francisco A. Pérez-Ferrer will represent B&S in this market as our sales manager to take over communication and research - including being present for certain occasions to be closer to the musicians.

B&S is extremely happy to have Mr. Francisco Pérez on board now - he studied in Spain Music, Paedagogy and Trumpet as well as cultural management and worked as instrument maker with a special focus on historical trumpets. As Trumpet player he performed with a variety of Symphony Orchestras (Principal Trumpet of the Orchestra in Murcia (Spain), Sinaloa State Symphony Orchestra (Mexico)) while teaching at the music school in Culiacán.

Francisco Pérez starts to work for B&S in 2012 and B&S GmbH's management is confident to see good results in response to this active new approach.


B&S now active in Latin America

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